Mission Mercenaries Series

Trigger Warnings


Dub/Con Assault Incest
Kidnapping Attempted Murder Misogyny
Childhood Sexual Assault (mentioned)
Attempted Rape Profanity
Blood PTSD
Drug/Alcohol Use
Bullying Rape
Law Breaking
Child Abuse Self-harm
Death Sexual Abuse
Sexual Coercion
Depression Sexual Assault
Abusive Relationship Gore Sexually Explicit Scenes
Anxiety Gun Violence Stalking
Suicide Torture Violence


Lessons Learned

Despite having a previous connection, I’ve hated Lauren Vos since the day she stepped over my bleeding body and left me for dead.

We were never meant to be. She’s an undercover FBI agent, and I’m a mercenary that goes where the highest bidder takes me.

After seeing each for the first time in years, she thinks we can just pick up where we left off, but the man she once knew died long ago.

What I didn’t know is that the man I became after her betrayal was the man she needed all along.

I feed on her urgency for degradation, but heaven help me, it may be the death of us both.

The Mission Mercenaries is a DARK ROMANCE series, and a Cerberus MC spin-off. Expect crossovers to happen!

Mistakes Made

The worst thing you can ever do is make an assumption about me, despite my job resting solely on making people think I’m someone I’m not.
I know that makes me crazy, narcissistic, and a little out of touch with the reality of how the world works.
I’ll never argue that fact with anyone.
Maybe it was the hundred-degree Texas weather.
Maybe it was overstimulation from the crowds at the beach.
Maybe it was one of a million other things that irritated me that day.
But when Raya Reed looked me up and down, finding me lacking on some scale I’m sure no man in her life would ever live up to, I snapped.
It wasn’t until she was tied up in my house that I discovered she was Senator Thomas Reed’s daughter.
A normal person would let her go.
I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my past, but making Raya MINE will never be one of them.

Bridges Burned

I didn’t swear vengeance on the Severino Family after Ellie’s death. I was only a child after all.
I didn’t swear vengeance when my father, a coward who wasn’t man enough to seek justice for her, drank himself into a divorce.
Going after them would be a death sentence.
I chose to live my life in the shadows, seeking revenge for others.
That was until I ran into the very man that took Ellie’s life.
I can still smell the smoke clinging to my skin from all the bridges I burned because of that man.
Walking away was no longer an option.
Killing him would be easy, but taking the woman that was promised to him seemed like a better wager.
Exacting retribution through her was the gamble I made.
Surviving her now seems impossible.

Depravity Delivered

The job I took was personal for my boss, but my abduction quickly made it personal for me.
There’s no forgiveness for the things they made me do to her.
It would be easy to point fingers, but what about the part of me that liked it?
Something triggered that sickness and left me needy.
I made a choice to protect her when I could, but the need to hurt her again is always in the back of my mind.
The crazy thing is, I see that same darkness in her eyes when she looks at me.
If we survive captivity, there’s still no guarantee we’ll survive each other.

Redemption Refused

Hooking up with the college freshman I was supposed to keep an eye on was easier than tracking her.
Kidnapping her after that first night was easier than following her around campus.
I’m massive, scarred, and tattooed. I don’t exactly fit in with her crowd.
After the job was done, cutting her loose was the hard part.
Making it through the day without seeing her became impossible.
Some may call it stalking, but I call it vigilance.
She seems invested in this game of cat and mouse we’re playing, but she’s mistaken.
I’m not a toy she can discard when she’s bored.
Trying to get her out of my system may leave us both in pieces.