Cole Brothers

Love Me Like That

He has no future, and she’s not the trusting kind. 

 Kadin Cole went to the cabin knowing he’d never leave again.

With the imminent blizzard, he was assured the time he needed to carry out his plan.

What he didn’t count on was the beautiful woman that ended up stranded with him.

Between the two of them, they have enough issues to fill up the massive, custom-designed cabin, and enough space to maintain their distance.

Yet, attraction, chemistry, and one last hope for something meaningful keep pulling them together.

Warming each other’s bodies is easy, but like the raging storm outside, thawing each other’s hearts may be impossible.

Teach Me Like That

Who doesn’t love a playboy with a body to die for and a devious glint in his eyes?


That’s who.

I play games all day with my kindergarteners. The last thing I need is a man who’s never serious.

Who cares if he’s next door every day with his tool belt, hard hat, and back muscles that go on for days…

Not me.

That’s who.